Global hunger is increasing every year and it's really sad to see. Today in India we can see 19 crore Indians sleep hungry every night and 25 lakh citizens die out of hunger every year. 38% of children below five years are underweight and under height because of no nutrition provided to them.

“Yes We Can NGO” is trying to reach as many as people in India to do its part to reduce global hunger. “Yes We Can NGO” is going to provide food to people and also educate the society with the value of food and the importance of not wasting its food. “Yes We Can NGO” believe that a little sharing from every individual can bring a big difference in society.”Yes We Can” is going to get its food from weddings, parties, events, functions and use all the food which was going to be wasted but now can be used for the people who actually need it.

Wastage of food has been a problem for a very long time. 40% of food goes to waste every year. Excess of food from godowns, restaurants, weddings and big parties can be provided to at least 20 lakh people. “Yes We Can” is going to do its part to reach as many people as it can.

The campaign activities involve

  • Locating people who need food.
  • Collaborate with event managers and wedding planners to get the food supply
  • The process to check the quality and quantity of food to know which areas can the food reach
  • NGO also has ideas of installing refrigerators around India, so people with extra food can drop it there

Current Actives

In this COVID 19 situation “Yes We Can Ngo” is supplying 1000 packets of cooked food on a daily basis. Ngo is also making a ration kit for the widows. And also essential kit’s in this COVID 19 situations which will help the people in such conditions.