Non-Communicable Diseases: A Silent Killer (Get Latest Figures)

Let accept the fact that the Indian population is severely hit by Non-Communicable Diseases. Some of the hard facts of Indian Healthcare:

  1. More than 60% of deaths in India happens because of NCDs.
  2. Non-Communicable diseases cost Indian economy $9 bn in 2005. (Get latest figures)
  3. An estimated 1.4 million to 2 million people experienced ‘Catastrophic’ spending in 2004 with 6-8 lakh
  4. Deaths in India among NCDs are cardiovascular disease (29.89 lack), Diabetes (1.75 lack), Cancer (5 lack) and Respiratory diseases (6.74 lack).

Alcohol and Non-communicable diseases (NCD)

In 2011 the United Nations High Level Meeting on NCDs demonstrated a global consensus around the need to develop and implement prevention strategies and control the disease burden related to alcohol and three other major health-risk factors: tobacco, unhealthy foods, and lack of physical exercise.

The four disease categories addressed by the UN’s NCD initiative include cancer, cardiovascular disease, chronic lung disease, and diabetes. Although NCDs are commonly perceived as problems of more wealthy countries, a significant portion of the disease burden from NCDs actually occurs in low- and middle-income countries.