Child Education

The ‘Right To Education Act 2009′ (RTE) provides for ‘Free and Compulsory’ Education to all children in the 6 to 14 age group. However communities of construction labourers, pavement dwellers and other migrant communities are not seen to be aware of their rights.

As a result, even in the third year of RTE implementation, we can see a large number of out-of-school children around us.

The campaign envisages mobilization and involvement of large number of citizens towards participation in the Goal of Universal Elementary Education and also creating awareness among the people about the practical problems of the marginalized in educating their children besides the popularly believed reasons such as lack of motivation and lack of money.

The campaign activities involve :

  • Mobilizing individual and partner volunteers through online, media and other means
  • Identifying out of school children
  • Locating schools for enrolment
  • Creating awareness among parents and children
  • Enrolling children in schools
  • Ensure continuity of the child in school with necessary support and interventions

Child Group Education, International Literacy Day

More details are available on the Project Page under the Chid Education

Every year on 8 September, International Literacy Day is celebrated around the world in honour of literacy and to bring awareness to the importance of closing the literacy gap.

This page will feature a selection of events and celebrations that will be taking place around the world on 8 September around the theme of literacy in a digital world.

If you are preparing an event and wish to appear on this list, please contact (link sends e-mail) and provide us with a very short description of the event; information about where it takes place; name of the organization; title of the event and a link to a website with more information as well as a contact person.